Peugeot 207 RC 1.6T Lemans – Stage 4 Hybrid

Hybrid turbocharger upgrades are an excellent way to keep the engine looking stock, while larger internals in the turbo make it possible to produce from 10% to 20% more horsepower over the stock one. However, this upgrade requires the use of 98+ Ron fuel only. Fuel quality is a the key to this upgrade because hybrid turbos require high boost levels to outperform the stock ones.
At the same time, using the stock engine as base means that boost should go up to 1.5-1.6 bars at most, to keep things safe and avoid connecting rod and piston damage.
Depending on the type of the hybrid turbo, results can range. Simple compressor wheel upgrades bring +10 to +20hp over the stock turbo. When more work is done and turbine clipping or a bigger turbine wheel installed, the turbo can flow a bit more. Ultimately, the power limit for hybrid turbos is the stock exhaust housing itself regardless of how big the wheels installed are.

Upgrade specifications

  • stock engine
  • 98+ RON fuel
  • Hybrid turbo based on the stock 207 RC/GTi turbo
  • Upgraded intercooler
  • Upgraded boost pipes
  • Upgraded full exhaust
  • Stage 4 ECU remap


Performance Results

  • Maximum Torque: 398Nm @ 2850RPM
  • Maximum Power: 260 Hp @ 5175 RPM


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