Just before Opel was sold to group PSA, the Astra J was released. It was very unlike Opel to have produced a car as powerful in stock form as this one. The technological innovations implemented on the  platform were also very good, too: Directly injected, very reliable, with an excellent turbo fitted as stock. This engine had nothing to do with all previous OPCs, by a long shot. It is also very tunable!

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Upgraded full exhaust
  • #Etuners Stage2 ECU remap

Performance results

  • Maximum engine power: 337hp (measured stock 280hp), gains 57hp
  • Maximum engine torque: 484Nm

For more information on our Stage1 remap for the Astra J, please visit:

Opel Astra J OPC 2.0T – Stage1 98RON

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