Mini Cooper S R56 1.6T – Upgraded Intercooler by Forge

Forge has recently presented a new intercooler unit for the Mini Cooper S R56 1.6 Turbo.
It is a direct replacement of the stock intercooler and it improves performance, specially on tuned Minis.

Size comparison

The upgraded intercooler made by Forge is almost three times larger than the stock one.
This improves heat transfer, making this upgrade absolutely essential for most tuned Minis.
The stock intercooler can just not handle excessive boost levels for prolonged periods of time
and overheats within the first 10 sec of a full throttle run. Thankfully, that is not the case with the upgraded

Performance notes

The intercooler kit from Forge did an amazing job of keeping intake air temperatures low.
While the stock intercooler would reach 70C during a full throttle run in 4th gear, with ambient temperature of 28C,
the upgraded intercooler kept intake temperature under 40C.

Special thanks to Mammos and Dimitris for the intercooler installation photos.

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