Mini Clubman One F54 1.5T B38 – Stage1 95RON 

The most family-friendly version of the Mini, with enough space for its size, is the Clubman One. Amongst other versions, it exists in the Greek market with a 1.5Liter B38A15U0 engine.
When BMW first announced the new generation of its petrol engines, that would replace the N family, it named the entire group with B-codes:

  • B38 with 3 cylinders (1.2 and 1.5 liters)
  • B48 with 4 cylinders (2.0 liters)
  • B58 with 6 cylinders (3.0 liters)

The idea behind the design of the B-Series was that it could be used in transverse and longitudinal layout, depending on the orientation of the drive shaft in each new model: Modular engines. The same engines could now be used in BMW’s front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive cars. Production started with B38 in 2013. Next came B48 in 2015 and the last to come out was B58 in 2015. Their diesel cousins are named ​​B37, B47 and B57, in turn with 3,4 and 6 cylinders as well.

With the powerful B48 with 190+ horsepower migrating from the Cooper S to the Clubman One, one can easily understand that it can withstand the increased power without compromising vehicle dynamics. The least powerful, three-cylinder 1.5liter B38 comes with 102hp stock, according to the manufacturer. For the 1350 kg that has live with, via the semi-automatic 6-speed gearbox, stock power is weak, if not just low. Much more so when you have to move a trunk full and a roof full of suitcases and kid’s toys. The same B38 exists in a factory version with 136hp.

On dyno, the car produced 104hp in stock form, with 95RON fuel. After upgrading it with an #Etuners Stage1 ECU tune, power rose to 161 hp, with huge torque and power gains specially from 4500 to 6000rpm.

Our thanks to the owner for trusting us with his car! For any information you might need with regards to tuning your Mini, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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