Mercedes SLK200 1.8 R171 – Stage 2 for 97RON

More power for the Mercedes SLK200 1.8 R171 can be made using an upgraded full exhaust system and an upgraded supercharger pulley hub. This allows for more boost and less exhaust gas backflow. Both of these upgrades make the engine more efficient and the performance results are clearly visible on dyno. With the stock injectors it is safe to push the car up to this power level.

Air fuel ratio is significantly improved, boost levels are increased and ignition is tweaked to its optimum point.

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Upgrade specifications

  • 97RON fuel
  • Upgraded full exhaust
  • Upgraded supercharger pulley hub
  • Optional: Upgraded intercooler


Performance results

  • Maximum horsepower (on a Dynojet rolling road dyno): 155 whp (measured 129whp as stock with upgraded parts), gains 26whp


Many thanks to Ac Motorsport!