Mercedes CLA180D 1.5CDI MY2016 – #Etuners Stage1

While Mercedes did a fantastic job on the CLA and A class there was fear that the sister models would not sell very well in smaller European markets like Greece. Luxury taxes on top of expensive import taxes and road taxes for any engine near 2 liters would make the models nearly unsalable. Having a small diesel version would make sure the cars reached the general public and not just a very limited part of their customer base. To solve the problem in hand, they used the very reliable 1.5 diesel engine from Renault. Same one that Nissan and Dacia use on their cars. An engine we are very familiar with.

Of course, that meant power delivery at 108hp would suck and they knew it. To save face and mask the problem behind an infinite number of gears, they left the AMG trim and the dual clutch automatic gearbox found on the more expensive versions, 7G-DCT. In hindsight, it was smoke and mirrors but their choice actually worked.

The owner of this candy white CLA180D trusted us to tune the car because he needed more power, specially when going uphill. A torque hesitation was specially noticeable between gear shifts and when the car had more passengers loaded. In lack of a better explanation what else to expect out of a car that should have been 380bhp instead of 108bhp.

On stock software it made 110hp/285Nm on dyno. After remapping it with a custom #Etuners Stage1 ECU tune, power went up to 134hp/324Nm, with significantly better power output throughout the rev range. After road testing the owner was happy to see the power hesitation between shifts gone.

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