Mercedes A45 S AMG 4Matic 2.0T MY2020 – #Etuners Stage1 98RON

The W177 A45S is equipped with the latest M139 2.0l turbo mated to an 8 Speed transmission producing 310kw @ the engine. Just when we thought AMG could not have done better than with the first A45. This engine and new platform are a great improvement.

ℹ️Upgrade specifications
➡️Stock ECU file ?Result : 250wkw/335whp

Stage1 Upgrades:

Etuners custom Stage 1 calibration on dyno

?Performance Results:
279wkw/374whp with +60wkw/80whp gained in the midrange and an increase in torque of over 100nm at the wheels. 

The test drive was equally as impressive as the graph suggests, the 8 speed gearbox is absolutely amazing !


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