Mercedes A45 AMG W176 2.0T 2014  – Etuners Stage3 GCG hybrid

Today we had the opportunity to install another Etuners stage 3 package with GCG Turbochargers Pty Ltd hybrid taking it to the next level with the addition of a water methanol injection kit. The car was later tested at Sydney Dragway and ran 7 passes between 11.3s and 11.6s for the quartermile, making it the current Australian record holder.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON + Water methanol injection
  • Stage3 GCG turbochargers Pty LTD hybrid turbo
  • Etuners custom stage3 ECU remap
  • Upgraded downpipe

    Power increased to an impressive 323kw @ all 4 wheels up from a stock 212kw. With midrange gains of +100kw and power staying strong to red line, the A45 charges through the gears turning all 4 tyres on the shifts.

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