Mercedes A45 AMG W176 2.0T (MY2017) – #Etuners Stage2 (98RON)

The Mercedes A45 AMG W176 (facelift, post 2016) has great tuning potential with the correct hardware upgrades. Even when the available fuel quality is not the best. AMG designed this engine with a low compression ratio so that it can handle low octane fuels without being affected as much as other four cylinder units on the market. Hardware wise the car was upgraded with a @CTSTurbo cold air intake kit along with a CTS Turbo racing downpipe (3.5 inches/88.9mm).

Software wise, the engine control unit was reflashed with #Etuners Stage2 for 96 octane petrol. The gearbox was tuned with #Etuners Stage2: faster gear shifts, removal of the torque limiter, customized shift points.

Power went from 290hp at the wheels, on stock software and upgraded parts, to 370hp at the wheels with the #Etuners Stage2 etuners.

Upgrade specifications

  • 96RON fuel
  • @CTSturbo cold air intake kit
  • @CTSturbo upgraded downpipe
  • #Etuners custom Stage2 engine tune
  • #Etuners custom Stage2 gearbox tune

Performance results

  • Maximum wheel power: 370whp (measured stock with upgraded parts 290whp)
  • Maximum wheel torque: 480 lb*ft (measured stock with upgraded parts 320lb*ft)

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