Maserati Levante – #etuners Stage1 98RON

Please allow us to introduce you the Levante. 3liter, twin-turbo and from Turin, Maserati’s first SUV. With a Ferrari V6, F160 engine, it starts life at 345bhp. There is a slightly more powerful sister version in existence that came to be later, at 425hp. The Levante owes its name to the Eastern Wind. Just like Scirocco, it is a wind name.

An Italian car with an Italian twin turbo engine, sounds like something that could go horribly wrong. Despite Italy’s very advanced heavy industry, internal combustion engines have not been its forte for the last ten years, especially for passenger cars. Car companies themselves know this and work around it. The solution given to the problem by Ferrari was very efficient: The block and machining for the F160 engine is done in the United States, at Chrysler factories. Then it is sent to Italy for assembly by Ferrari. The engine itself has latest and greatest performance specifications: 24 valves, direct injection, twi turbos and full electronic control for its four camshafts. Its compression ratio sits at 9.6: 1, which allows it to perform well even with 95RON gasoline. How is Ferrari related to Chrysler? They are under the company umbrella of group FCA (Fiat-Alfa-Chrysler), a large entity that absorbed most Italian car makers to save them from bankruptcy. In 2021 together with group PSA (Peugeot / Citroen / Opel), they merged under a 50% share ownership deal and created an even bigger company, Stellantis.

Testing the Levante on stock software and 98RON produced 327 hp on the wheels in 4WD. We developed a custom #Etuners Stage1 tune by remapping the stock ECU. With the upgrade, power at the wheels went up to 369 hp, while also gaining 80 lb-ft of torque on top of stock, bringing overall power to the levels of the Levante S.
Many thanks to the owner who trusted us with his Italian beauty!

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