Lotus Elise Cup 250 MY2018 – #Etuners Stage2 98RON

The Lotus is equipped with a 1.8l, 4 Cylinder, supercharged engine, producing a claimed 181kw @ the engine and a 0-100kmh in 4.3secs. This particular car had a full upgraded exhaust system and remap when delivered to our facility.

Upgrade specifications, Info on the car as delivered:

➡️98 Oct

➡️Stage2 ECU tune

➡️Full exhaust upgrade

?130kw @ the wheels on stock software


✅Etuners custom Stage2 ECU remap with increased RPM and throttle response. (No increase in boost/pulley upgrade)

Performance results

?146kw@ the wheels and a 20nm gain in torque (measured at the wheels).

Weighing just over 900kg it’s more than enough power to have some fun on the track !

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