Audi A6 3.0TFSI - Stage1 95RON
The 3 liter supercharged FSI engine on the Audi A6 gains a lot of power at mid and high rpm with an #etuners Stage1 ECU remap. Together with a TCU remap to remove torque limitations in the gearbox and improve gear shifting, the cars performance is greatly enhanced. Even when using lower octane fuels like
VW Golf 5 R32 + RUF Supercharger + Etuners Stage3 with Watermeth injection on dyno
  Readers might be familiar with this beautiful Volkswagen Golf Mk5 R32. It came to us a couple of months ago for a custom stage 3 calibration for a Ruf supercharger kit that came with a pulley that produced 7.5psi of boost. With our custom calibration, it produced a healthy 203kw at the wheels from
The stage 1 upgrade for the Mercedes SLK 200 1.8 163hp for 98RON unleashes the performance hidden in the stock supercharger. This upgrade is aimed at R171 models with 1.8L KE18ML engine, also known as M271.   How it works The stock supercharger on th eM271 engine uses a bypass system to control boost. A