Hyundai I30N Performance 2.0TGDI – #Etuners Stage2 98RON

The Hyundai Ι30Ν has become our favorite hot hatchback. This very car came to us with an upgraded cold air intake kit from Pipercross, upgraded Forge intercooler, and partly upgraded exhaust. It made 286hp / 382Nm on dyno on its stock software.

Thanks to recent developments in tuning technology, we were able to remap it and develop successive tunes via the OBD port, instead of opening the ECU on the bench like was necessary until recently. This makes the whole process considerably faster, safer and more cost efficient both for i30N and for i20N owners. 

We developed a custom #Etuners Stage2 ECU remap to take full advantage of the upgraded hardware. Power with the tune reached 313hp / 461Nm, adding almost 30hp and 80Nm over the stock software. A very big thank you to the owner for trusting us with his car!
For more information with regards to tuning your Hyundai please contact your nearest authorised Etuners dealer. You can find the list of authorized dealers through our website:

Upgrade specifications

·98RON fuel

·Upgraded air filter (Pipercross)

·Upgraded front mount intercooler (Forge)

·Upgraded exhaust

Performance results

·Maximum engine power: 313hp (measured stock with upgraded parts 286hp), gains 27hp

·Maximum engine torque: 461Nm (measured stock with upgraded parts 382Nm), gains 79Nm

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