BMW M2 Competition F87 S55 3.0T – #etuners stage2

This beautiful M2 Competion F87 is by far one of the last cars that pure petrolheads around the world have wet dreams of. Specially since BMW M Division has confirmed that the new M2 is its last pure internal combustion engine sports car.

And in a world that tries to transit to full electric what more appropriate than to make your M2 “go with a bang” with our stage2 with pop and bangs.

Parts installed:
+ Etuners Stage 2 ecu remap with Crackles 550HP/790NM + Gearbox remap Stage 2
+ aFe Power Intakes
+ CTS Turbo Downpipes
+ CTS Turbo Charge Pipes
+ CTS Turbo J-Pipe
+ CTS Turbo Radiator
+ Active Catback
+ 98RON fuel

Power on dyno 4wd 470WHP – 495LB-FT/ 671Nm (measured stock 327whp – 380Lb-ft / 515Nm)

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