BMW M140I F21 3.0T MY2018 – #Etuners Stage1 98RON

The BMW M140i was produced to directly compete with cars such as the A45/A45S and the Audi RS3. Its 3 liter turbocharged engine offers an excellent platform for tuning as there are great gains to be realised. Whether you choose to go with upgraded intake or exhaust or both, a good tune makes a ton of difference!

This M140i produced 225wkw / 302whp on dyno with upgraded hardware but stock mapping. Following our custom tune on dyno, power increased to 272wkw / 365whp.

Upgrade specifications

➡️ 98RON fuel
➡️Stock Downpipe
✅Upgraded Intake
✅Etuners Stage1 Custom Dyno tune

Performance results

?272kw / 365whp @ the wheels (up from 225kw / 302whp on the stock tune with upgraded hardware)

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