Audi TTS 8S 2.0TFSI DSG Quattro 310hp my2017

The Audi TTS combines the improved aerodynamics of the TT (8S) with engine code CJX: Audi’s most powerful two liter motor found on the Gen3/MQB platform.

The goal of remapping the TTS is to bring it near TT-RS performance levels. Something at 400hp perhaps, so that it is like a mini TTRS without the 5 cylinder hassle. While the engine benefits greatly from the addition of upgraded parts such as a cold air intake kit and upgraded downpipe, it can do pretty well even in bone stock form. Combining an engine tune to increase performance and a gearbox tune to allow it, this car’s performance increased from 306hp in stock form to 374hp after our custom #etuners Stage1 tune on dyno.
The car stopped being produced in 2018, so grab yours while you still can!

#Etuners Stage1 Engine tune
#Etuners Stage1 Gearbox tune for DSG6 DQ250 MQB

Engine tune specs:
– 98 RON fuel
– Stock hardware

Gearbox tune specs:
– Launch control RPM increased
– Torque limiters removed
– Maximum Shift RPM increased by 200.
– Custom gear shift points in D and S
– Kickdown delete in M mode
– Faster gear shifts

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