Attention #audi #facelift #RS3 owners. Missing the prefacelift overrun / exhaust crackle? Following #custom #calibration by @e_tuners @etunersaustralia , the feature is back and best part is it’s in switchable mode. Comfort mode for quiet drives, dynamic mode for some ?? session. Best of both worlds ???? . Please contact us to have this feature added to your facelift Audi RS3/TTRS

Etuners switchable exhaust crackle for the Audi RS3 8V 2.5 TFSI

Etuners switchable exhaust crackle for the Audi RS3 8V 2.5 TFSI


  • Faran Posted March 18, 2019 6:18 pm

    Hi, just wondering is the pops and crackles a remap as I don’t want to void my warranty

    • Stelios Alexandrakis Posted April 6, 2019 10:18 pm

      You would have to reflash your car to get the pops and crackles add-on. Potentially voiding your warranty, as no tuning is supported by the manufacturer officially.

  • Josh Posted June 5, 2019 5:46 am

    Doesn’t matter unless the tune is proven to have caused the issue, then they can start picking it apart as to what is and isn’t covered. Reflashing your car only voids specific element if those are proven to be the cause.

    Hard with a GTI or Golf R as they’ve done some things the tuners due and remapped various aspects of how the engine runs. A Cold air intake doesn’t void turbo damage unless it was the cause of failure
    (ie. a bolt from some kids install made its way to the turbo, you’ll be covering that. Upgrade the Exhaust and they have to show that exact change caused, in some way with valid reasoning, whatever fault there was.

    They tried that crap with me but I always set up appointments via E-Mail. In the future, it can save your ass. I’m out of warranty but are now going to fix every outstanding issue I pointed our for 4 Years, even providing Dealer level diagnostics in their own formatting from their magic box. 2 new cars in a row this happened.

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