Audi RS3 8V MY2017 DAZA / Etuners Stage2 on dyno


Tom came to us with his beautiful MY2017 Audi RS3 8V sedan and wanted to extract more power out of the DAZA engine. After doing some research, he decided to run a beautifully made Iroz Motorsport downpipe and midpipe as shown below :-

IROZ Motorsports downpipe for the Audi RS3 8V MY2017 DAZA (facelift)


These are arguably one of the best downpipe/midpipe combinations made for the RS3 8V platform. Apart from that, he also installed a Wagner Tuning Evo3 competition intercooler which is highly recommended as the factory intercooler usually gets heatsoaked easily after 2 hard runs.

As delivered with the hardware already installed, it made a respectable 256kw at the wheels, measured in 4WD mode.

Audi RS3 8V MY2017 DAZA / Etuners Stage2 - flashing process via OBD

We loaded an Etuners stage 2 calibration and peak power rose from 256kw to 285kw at the wheels. That was a 29kw gain, and as much as 55kw over stock were noted in the mid range. We also loaded a custom Etuners DSG7/DQ500 remap to compliment the ECU calibration. The DSG remap removes torque limitations in the gearbox, changes the gear shift points for optimum performance and also increases gear shift speed.

Audi RS3 8V MY2017 DAZA / Etuners Stage2 on dyno - results: red tuned, green stock.

After the ECU and TCU calibration performed, Tom took his enhanced RS3 for a drive and covered 0-100kmh in 3.4sec with a passenger and 70% fuel in the tank. Very excited with the massive improvement. Tom and Greg shall be racing at Willowbank raceway which I shall be covering an article soon.


Upgrade specifications

  • Etuners stage 2 ECU and TCU remap
  • Iroz Motorsports downpipe + midpipe
  • Wagner Tuning Evo 3 competition intercooler kit