Audi RS3 8V.2 2.5TFSI – Etuners Stage3 on Pure800 hybrid, 98RON

Ever since the 8V.2 RS3 appeared, with its almighty DAZA engine, turbo manufacturers around the world have been going berserk! It is indeed a very durable engine. With a combination of a larger turbo and ethanol based fuels, it provides a killer package to compete with most modern supercars. The combination of 5 direct and 5 indirect injectors allows for the use of high contents of ethanol without pushing the fueling system to its limits.
Constantly competing with each other, the turbo makers’ goal has been to maximize the engine’s power output while maintaining the stock turbo housings – of course only on the outside. On the inside, there be monsters.

Pure turbos have designed and produced a very powerful contender in the race:
Audi RS3/TTRS 8V 8S PURE800 Upgrade Turbo

Based on its size, it is capable of producing from 500whp on 98RON to almost 700whp on E85 and race fuels.

Performance results

Our test car was an Audi RS3 8V.2 2.5TFSI MY2018, Utilising an upgraded cold air intake kit, upgraded intercooler and full exhaust, together with the pure800 hybrid and 98ron, power increased significantly over the old, stock turbo results:
525whp and 490lb*ft at the wheels. Very impressive numbers for a completely stock engine, using normal fuel.

Many thanks to the owner who trusted us with his car.