Audi A4 B8.5 2.0TFSI MY2014 Quattro Manual – #Etuners Stage3 98RON

This A4 is equipped with the 165kw 2.0 TFSI with engine code CNCD. The turbo was upgraded to an is20 hybrid, downpipe was upgraded with a sports cat, larger intercooler installed and a new clutch to withstand the added power and torque. We developed a custom Stage3 tune on dyno to make use of the hybrid turbo and also make sure that it stays safe.

Upgrade specifications

✅ 98 Oct Fuel

✅ IS20 Hybrid turbo

✅ Upgraded downpipe with Cat

✅ Upgraded Intercooler

✅ Upgraded Clutch

✅ Etuners Custom stage3 Dyno tune for Continental SIMOS ECU

Performance Results

? 223kw at all 4 wheels up from 150kw on the stock file with hardware installed. In the coming weeks we will perform a carbon clean as it has travelled close to 200,000km. This should allow us to add some timing further improving the gains.

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