One would think that the Giulietta QV comes with a lot of power as stock. However, the Italian manufacturer has really put great effort in creating a direct injection engine that outperforms almost any other 1.8 in the market.
To make things even better for QV owners, it can be tweaked with a remap for an easy 40bhp gain, with everything kept stock!

We strongly recommend an intecooler upgrade for countries with warm and tropical climates because the small volume of the stock intercooler can lead to low performance after overheating.

Upgrade specifications

  • Stock engine
  • Stage 1 ECU remap


Performance results


  • Maximum flywheel power: 282.8 PS (measured 241.5 PS as stock)
  • Maximum flywheel torque: 450 Nm (measured 360 Nm as stock)
Dyno comparison - Stock vs Tuned Etuners Stage 1

Power and torque: Stock vs Etuners Stage 1


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