AL551 8speed gearbox remap - Etuners
The Audi RS7 C7 4.0TFSI is equipped with a ZF AL551 8-speed gearbox. Its mechanical strength and build quality means it can handle up to 1000hp/1000Nm without problems.

However, there is a torque limitation in the gearbox software set at 700Nm. The software also causes a significant delay in gear shifts, making them pleasant for the passengers but slow for performance.

Our #etuners TCU remap for ZF AL551 8-Speed includes:
1. Torque limitations removal, so it can climb up to 1000Nm.
2. Improved gear shift time, so that shift times become more like DSG rather than auto gearbox
3. Customized shift points to improve acceleration

AL551 8speed gearbox remap - Etuners

The ZF AL551 8-speed TCU remap is also available for the following platforms:

For more information, please contact your nearest Etuners authorized dealer:


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