The VW Scirocco 2.0 TSI with an EA888 is an excellent platform for upgrades.

With upgraded intake, exhaust and 98RON fuel it can almost reach 300bhp on its stock turbo.

In addition to the increased power output, there are also firmware addons available for this platform, only recommended for race use. Noliftshift and left foot braking.

Upgrade specifications

  • Turboback exhaust 70mm
  • Intake kit
  • ECU remap for 98RON

Extra features available (can be included during remap installation)

  • Noliftshift induces an ignition cut limiter that allows shifting gears very quickly, while holding your foot on the throttle.
  • Left foot braking allows using the brakes and throttle simultaneously and is super useful for track days and hill climbs.

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