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VW Golf 7R 2.0 TSI – Stage 1 98RON

This VW Mk7 R with a manual gearbox had only travelled 2300km. On the pre tune dyno run it managed a very impressive 169kw at the wheels. On CV performance dyno a DSG MK7 R typically shows 154kw at the wheels. With a custom tune power increased to 219kw at the wheels! Power gains were strong right up to the rev limit with the extra torque drastically improving engine response low in the rev range.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Etuners stage 1 ECU remap, flashed via OBD

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Performance results

  • Maximum power: 219.1 KW at the wheels (measured 169.2 wKW as stock), gains 50 kW at the wheels

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Shoutouts to CV Performance!

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