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VW Golf 7 GTI 2.0 TSI – Stage 3 IS38 + E100

Ethanol mixtures are becoming increasingly popular amongst tuned cars. Their high octane numbers and cooling ability of Ethanol ensure low combustion temperatures and increased performance on any tuned car. Ethanol allows the engine to run more boost and a lot more timing without risk of damage as it operates at lower temperatures. When it is time to convert from regular fuel types like 95RON or 98RON (91 or 93 pump gas in the US) to E85 and E100, the ECU requires recalibration. Exactly because the fuel type is very different, a lot more fuel mass is required for the engine to run properly.

We thought it would be a great challenge to use E100 on a VW Golf 7 GTI with an IS38 turbo kit, without doing any hardware modifications to its fuelling system. It was adjusted via the engine calibration, along with the rest of the parameters needed to make the car run properly. The results were worth it!
This is the first Golf 7 GTI in the world to run E100, specially on such a high-powered setup.

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Upgrade specifications

  • E100 (100% Ethanol) fuel, available at fuel stations across Brazil
  • Stock fuel injection system
  • IS38 turbo kit
  • Upgraded exhaust
  • Etuners stage 3 ECU remap for E100
  • The remap increases boost pressure to 1.8bar (26psi) and holds 1.5bar (21psi) at the redline.

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Performance results

  • Maximum horsepower: 401whp (measured as 180whp as stock with IS20), gains 220whp
  • Maximum torque: 51Kgm (measured 38Kgm as stock), gains 13Kgm at the wheels

Many thanks to Etuners Brazil and Autototal!

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  • Renato Schabatt Posted March 21, 2020 2:14 pm

    Good Morning

    i live in brazil and i have a golf gti mk7 and i would use it for ethanol do you guys forbid this map for me to use in brazil? and would any mechanical modification be necessary?My gti is stage 3

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