VW Golf 7.5R 2.0TSI MY2019 on DQ381 7-speed DSG transmission

The VW Golf 7.5R Gen3 MQB is equipped with a very strong, reliable engine that can withstand crazy amounts of power without failing.
Following the owner’s request for a very fast car, we selected and installed a suitable hybrid turbocharger and all other parts to fit it, in house.
Custom engine and gearbox calibrations were necessary to complete the package. The gearbox can withstand the torque and have optimized custom shift points, and the engine computer controls boost flawlessly to safeguard the connecting rods.

Hopefully, showing you our project in detail will help and inspire more car enthusiasts to tune their cars accordingly.

Presenting SVP.AE Stage3 record-breaking package:
-Stock engine and gearbox
-Snail turbo CBB L, IS38-based hybrid turbocharger, operating at 2.2bar.
-98RON fuel with water-methanol injection
-Snow Performance Stage 2 water-methanol kit with dual nozzles.
-Upgraded map sensors.
-Upgraded Intercooler.
-Upgraded turbo-back exhaust.
-Upgraded Cold Air intake kit.
-Upgraded Intercooler pipes
-Upgraded inlet elbow.
-HKS M45iL spark plugs.
-Loba High Pressure Fuel Pump.
-Braille 11lbs AGM Battery.
-Etuners custom Stage3 engine and gearbox tunes

To meet the performance specifications we were aiming for, the car went through weight reduction:
-All seats were removed. An aftermarket light weight driver seat was installed.
-Spare tire and tools removed.
-OZ 18″ wheels.
-Carbon fiber hood.
-Light weight battery

The car was tested and measured with wheelspin, during daytime and by then, ambient temperature was 31C. Because of the covid lockdown, no further night testing was possible although with lower temperatures, it would have been much faster for sure.
We did not expect it: at 6.2s 100-200km/h, this is the fastest VW Golf 7.5R on stock motor in the GCC.

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