Stage2 ECU remap for the VW Golf 7 2.0 TDI Bluemotion

More torque is always good! Keeping that in mind, the stage 2 ECU remap for the VW Golf 7 2.0 TDI delivers huge torque gains over the stock map.
Being a diesel engine, fuel economy remains excellent and city driving is immensely improved.
According to the manufacturer, the Bluemotion 2.0 TDI engine delivers approximately 110kW at the flywheel. The upgraded cat-back system along with the cold air intake kit improves the turbo’s efficiency and adds to the performance roughly 8kW. The diesel particle filter system remains on, the car is street legal and produces no smoke. Performance wise, the car is completely transformed.

Upgrade specifications

  • Cold air intake kit
  • Upgraded cat-back exhaust system, with the dpf system still on.
  • Stage 2 ECU remap

Golf 7 2.0 TDI front

Performance results

  • Power (flywheel): 143 Kw / 195hp @ 3000 rpm (117.8 kW / 160hp measured stock), gains 25kW
  • Torque (flywheel): 500 Nm @ 2050 rpm (380Nm measured stock), gains 120Nm

Shoutouts to CV Performance!