The Golf 5 GTI is a hot hatch, although it has been almost 10 years since its initial release in the market. Power benefits from a remap are huge. With a stage 2 ECU remap the engine’s power output is increased by almost 50%, from 200hp to 300hp. This is why we are presenting results from two different dynos, for the same ECU remap. No matter how we see it, the gains are excellent.

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Engine codes supported

There are two engine codes in the VW Golf 5 GTI 2.0 TFSI outside the United States. EA113 series AXX and BWA. AXX series engines were the first to be produced and include special piston geometry for direct injection. When the BWA engine replaced AXX many upgrades were done to it, one of which was simplified pistons geometry and better connecting rod materials. The performance results are equally good with both!
The US market has a few Mk5 breeds with EA888/TSI engines that do not exist in the rest of the world due to environmental regulations. Remap-wise, these are just like the newer Golf 6 GTI 2.0 TSI with the EA888 engine.

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Upgrade specifications

  • AXX / BWA – EA113 engine
  • 98 RON fuel
  • Upgraded air intake system
  • Upgraded exhaust system
  • Stock high pressure fuel pump
  • Stage 2 ECU remap


Performance results

  • Maximum horsepower:
    270hp at the wheel hubs (measured 200 at the wheel hubs as stock) @ Dynapack
    167kW at the wheels (measured 134kW as stock) @ DynoDynamics
  • Maximum torque:
    44 Kgm at the wheel hubs @ Dynapack
    350Nm at the wheels @ DynoDynamics


Special thanks to CVPerformance and MaxTuning!


  • Saad Bayahia Posted March 8, 2019 1:43 pm

    Hello, I’m interested to buy a stage 2 tune for my mk5 gti where can buy it?

    Best regards

    • Stelios Alexandrakis Posted April 6, 2019 10:20 pm

      Hi Saad! Please contact us via the form on the website. We will help find your closest dealer who can assist with tuning your car.

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