SEAT Leon Cupra 2.0TSI 5F – #Etuners Stage 2 + Crackles

Seat’s response to the VW Golf Clubsport, another VAG sports hatch with a CJX engine that can deliver crazy amounts of power on the front wheels. Just like the Golf 7R, Audi S3 8V, Skoda Superb, it is an almighty platform to tune and enjoy driving.

To get the maximum possible safe power out of this engine, it is strongly recommended to upgrade the intake air kit, boost pipes, intercooler, downpipe and delete the intake flaps. All these were done with the help of ctsturbo parts, paired with our custom #Etuners Stage2 engine and gearbox tunes.

Upgrade specifications
– 98RON fuel
+ CTS Turbo Intake
+ CTS Turbo Diverter
+ CTS Turbo Boost Pipes
+ CTS Turbo Inlet Elbow & Muffler Delete
+ CTS Turbo Intercooler
+ CTS Turbo Flap Delete
+ CTS Turbo Downpipe
– Etuners Stage2 ECU remap
– Etuners Stage2 DSG remap

Performance results:
– Maximum engine power 400hp (measured 335whp on mustang dyno on all 4wheels)

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