Seat Leon 5F.2 2.0TSI MY2019 (190hp) – Stage1 97RON

The brand new Seat Leon 5F MK2 comes with a 2.0TSI engine that produces 190hp engine power, according to the manufacturer. Powering up the engine is a Bosch MG1CS111 computer unit. Because it is an MY2019 model, compliant to Euro 6.2 emissions regulations, this car comes equipped with a GPF filter in its exhaust.
When measured stock on 97RON fuel the engine produced 202hp/273ft*lbs on our dyno.
A custom #Etuners Stage1 remap was developed for this platform. After testing and custom tuning, power rose to 238hp/320ft*lbs on dyno with great gains after 4500rpm compared to stock.

The DSG7 DQ381 gearbox software remained completely stock.

Upgrade specifications

  • 97RON fuel (Shell Vpower)
  • #Etuners Stage1 ECU remap on Bosch MDG1
  • Stock gearbox mapping

Performance results

  • Maximum engine power: 238 hp (measured stock at 202hp), gains 36hp
  • Maximum engine torque: 320 ft*lbs (measured stock at 273 ft*lbs), gains 47ft*lbs

Many thanks to the owner who trusted us with his car.
For more information about the Engine and Gearbox remaps that we provide for Seat, please visit

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