Peugeot RCZ-R 1.6THP270 – Stage2 98RON

To most, it was the time that Peugeot decided to build an Audi TT. The truth could not be more different. The RCZ first appeared in 2007 at the Frankfurt Car Show as a concept car, under the name 308 RCZ. I remember the day I saw the first photo because my jaw dropped. It was in the same show in 2009 that the production version was unveiled. Its assembly began at Magna-Steyr in Austria in 2010, making the model available almost worldwide except in the United States. A French car made in Austria, what a strange turn of events. By 2013, 50.000 cars had already been produced.

It won many awards such as “Best Sports Car” and “Coupe of the Year”, although it was simultaneously in production with the Audi TT.

In 2014, following the model’s facelift, appeared what was to become its most powerful version. Peugeot Sport’s first job on a production car since the 205 T16:
RCZ-R with 1.6 THP270 engine, the king of Prince engines. Which would later equip the 308 GTi by Peugeot Sport,

380mm brakes with Alcon calipers. Torsen limited slip differential, customized gearbox ratios with the sole purpose of performance. Tight suspension and geometry that, sacrificing a bit of comfort, ensures good cornering and fantastic handling.

When you drive it you will realize that this version was designed to excel. The only way to distinguish it is from the tiny R badges and the big wheels, which fortunately blend very well with its beautiful shape.

To our great disappointment, in 2016 its production ended and in 2017 the sales of the RCZ were completed forever. Peugeot decided to stop. Because of value and rarity, there is only two in Greece. The owner trusted us with this one, because he knows how much we love it. We thought of adding a little bit of software salt and pepper, after upgrading the exhaust, while keeping the maximum power below 300 hp. In our rolling road dyno it was measured at 279 hp stock, with upgraded exhaust and a sports cat. After #Etuners custom remapping , it reached 295 hp with just over 40 kg of torque. Road testing confirmed that the car, although just 1600 cc, is a beast. We look forward to seeing it again!


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