Peugeot 308 P5 1.2Puretech130 MY2023 – #Etuners Stage1 95RON

  • Hey, so I just sold my 308

  • Are you staying without a car now?

  • No, I just ordered one already.

  • What did you get?

  • A Peugeot 308 1.2puretech130 again.

  • Wait. Let me see if I understand correctly. You had a 307 and you sold it to get a 308, then sell it and get a 308 and then sell it and get another 308. Have you perhaps considered getting checked?

    Having seen and built several Peugeot and Citroen (and some Opel) 1.2 Puretech models 100, 110 and 130 hp, we have gotten to know its virtues and and tuning potential very well. This brand new 308 that came to us was a diffeent case. We had limited expectations being a 2023 model. Fortunately for us, we were able to tune it
    The car was measured in stock form at 131 hp and 218 Nm of torque. We developed a custom #etuners Stage1 tune. Resulting in 150hp and 240Nm of torque after a little bit of dyno work!



Many thanks to the owner who trusted us with his car and tolerated our humor!

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