Nissan Navara 2.5dCi

The Nissan Navara 2.5dCi D23 gains immense power via ECU remapping without any further modifications. Power gains are close to +30% over stock!

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Upgrade specifications

  • Stage 1 ECU remap, via OBD2.
  • Optional: Upgraded air filter

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Performance results

Since the car came with a piggiback powerbox installed, a performance comparison was made between the different configurations.
Stock ECU map, Powerbox installed (then removed),  ECU remap installed. The powerbox does increase power by about 25 wHp but then the ECU remap is the most powerful option, adding an enormous 46 wHp over the stock power output.

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Maximum wheel power (rear wheels):

  • Stock: 98.8 kW / 134 wHp (green line)
  • Power box: 116.9 kW / 159 wHp (pink line)
  • ECU remap: 132 kW / 180 wHp (red line).
  • Stock flywheel power according to Nissan is 174hp. Based on this, ECU tuned engine power output is around 233Hp, gaining almost 60Hp.


Shoutouts to our uncles and cousins at CVPerformance!

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