This big Mercedes SUV is equipped with a 5.5l twin turbo AMG engine. It produces  430kw at the flywheel.  When tested on a DynoDynamics rolling road 4WD dyno, GLE showed 320kw at the wheels measured as 4wd. It is a 4MATIC model, which means that the gearbox and its huge wheel and tire package, that come as standard, induce higher transmission losses compared to smaller size models. The air filters and downpipes were upgraded, preparing the ECU for a custom Stage2 remap.
With a custom Etuners Stage 2 calibration, peak power jumped to 397kw at the wheels, gaining 77wkW / 105whp. This equates to 530kw at the engine!

Upgrade specifications

  • Upgraded air filters
  • Upgraded downpipes
  • Etuners Stage2 ECU remap (also providing optional features for race use only: vmax delete and exhaust crackle)

Performance results

  • Maximum wheel power: 397kW (measured stock with downpipes 320kW), gains 77wkW / 105whp

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