Sometimes having a Mercedes E63 AMG with a V8 twin turbo M157 engine is not enough to satisfy the need for power. The next step towards making bigger power is upgrading the turbos. Tuned turbo cores with upgraded compressor and turbine wheels can improve airflow to the engine. By becoming more efficient, the turbos can produce more power even at the same boost levels they were operating as the stock units on a remap.
This Mercedes E63 AMG with a 5.5T engine came to us with a custom file from another shop (stage3 remap) running Hybrid turbos and downpipes. As was, it got a best power output of 426kw at the wheel hubs. With an Etuners custom calibration on 98oct, power increased to 504kw at the wheel hubs.

Mercedes E63 AMG 5.5T on an Etuners custom remap and hybrid turbos 


Upgrading the turbos is not a cheap process. This car is not cheap either and it makes sense to get the best parts available for it.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Upgraded downpipes
  • Hybrid turbos based on the stock units
  • Etuners custom Stage3 remap on M157 AMG engine

Mercedes E63 AMG 5.5T - Power output after Etuners custom remap

Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheel hubs: 504kw/677whp (measured 426kW as it came in)

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