Mercedes C43 AMG W205 3.0 BiTurbo MY2018 – Etuners Stage1 97RON


With only 9700km mileage on the odometer, this Mercedes C43 came in for a Stage 1 optimization with completely stock hardware.

A custom Etuners stage 1 file was loaded. increasing power close to 30whp (with stock figures at 307whp) at the peak RPM (max is at 338whp) and gains are seen to improve from 2700RPM all the way to the end of the RPM. Torque has also been given a little bump as well with peak torque of 470nm compared to stock which was 435nm.
The car pulls now even stronger and we added some crackle and pop to it as well to match it with is new power gains.
Stay tuned as this car undergoes a catless downpipe and a custom Etuner Malaysia performance exhaust upgrade as we unleash a Stage 2 tune by the end of this month.

Real gains with results on Mustang dyno.

Upgrade specifications

  • 97RON fuel
  • #Etuners Stage1 ECU remap


Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheels: 338whp (measured 307whp stock), gains 31whp
  • Maximum torque: 470Nm (measured stock 435Nm), gains 35Nm

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