Let us present you the world’s first Kia Stinger, which received an excellent power increase from @e_tuners !
We will tell you more about this car: V6 Bi-Turbo 3.3 liter engine, 8-speed automatic transmission and four wheel drive.
Before we tuned this car, we measured it’s stock performance. The outside temperature was +14°C.

0-100 → 5,1 s.
402m → 13,4 sec.
100-200 →
12,9 sec.

Fairly good dynamic performance for stock car. But if the outside temperature increases, the times will be worse. Intercooler can be easily changed even on the stock car!

The customer very seriously decided to get more power and before he came to us the cold air intake system was installed.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON
  • Upgraded cold air intake kit
  • #Etuners Stage1 ECU remap
    We tested a few versions of software on the road with real loads and the best version was chosen.
    Let’s see what is now the dynamic performance of our e-tuned Stinger. The outside temperature was +18°C.
    0-100 → 4.8 sec.
    m 12.6 sec.
    100-200 →
    10,7 sec.

If you happen to have the 2liter version of the Kia Stinger (2.0TGDI), you can check our tune packages here.

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