Hyundai I30N Performance 2.0T OPF MY2019 – Stage3 custom hybrid turbo 98RON

Every day that passes with tuned Hyundais brings more confidence to i30N owners, which in turn brings more cars into stage3 territory. A big hybrid turbo together with an upgraded high pressure fuel pump, an intake kit, an intercooler and an upgraded full exhaust system.

The car came to us on a stage2 tune from another shop, producing 360hp with upgraded hardware already installed. We reverted it back to stock. Because of the extensive hardware upgrades the car would not run properly on stock mapping, which is why we used the stage2 results to compare to.

We developed a custom #etuners Stage3 tune on dyno from scratch. End result was just above 400hp on an otherwise completely stock engine. A very big thank you to the owner for trusting us with his car.

Upgrade specifications
✅ 98RON fuel
✅ Stock engine
✅ Upgraded hybrid turbocharger by turbozentrum
✅ Upgraded cold air intake kit
✅ Upgraded high pressure fuel pump
✅ Upgraded exhaust
✅ Upgraded intercooler
✅ #etuners custom Stage3 ECU tune for Continental SIM2K-250

Performance results
🔥 Maximum engine power: 401hp (362hp on stage2), gains 39hp
🔥 Maximum engine torque: 609Nm (551Nm on stage2), gains 54Nm

For more information, please contact your nearest authorised Etuners dealer, or visit our website at etuners dot gr.

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