Ford Focus ST 2.0 EcoBoost – Stage2 98RON

Ford Focus ST 2.0 EcoBoost 2015 now with 173kw at the wheels. This car was delivered to us with hardware upgrades installed prior to tuning.
The owner had previously tested a Bluefin and Cobb handheld controllers with the Bluefin his preferred tune.
We dynoed the car at 157kw at the wheels with the existing hardware and the Bluefin flashtune installed.
Then Bluefin was removed and the factory file loaded. With the existing hardware the car made 146kw at the wheels.
An Etuners custom tune was then loaded via obd, peak power rose to 173kw with massive gains of over 45kw made through the mid range!
The combination of chosen hardware and Etuners custom tune, has totally transformed the Focus, with vast amounts of torque now available, engine response is amazing with next to no turbo lag.

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Upgrade specifications

  • Upgraded intercooler from Process West
  • Upgraded intake from Process West
  • Upgraded BOV from Turbosmart
  • Full turbo back exhaust with high flow cat from Hitech mufflers

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Performance results

  • Maximum wheel horsepower: 235 whp / 173kW (measured 199whp/146kW with stock remap and upgraded hardware), gains 36 whp

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