The Ford Focus 1.6 STCI Ecoboost produces 150hp in its stock form. When the car first came to us, it made 153hp on dyno with an upgraded cat-back exhaust and the stock ECU map. A stage1 ECU calibration was installed and power climbed to 210hp at the flywheel.

When the customer returned, he came back with an upgraded intercooler, cold air intake kit and a hybrid turbo installed. A new #Etuners Stage3 custom calibration was developed on dyno. The engine’s power output climbed to 273hp, at very conservative boost levels to help maintain the engine’s life since it is completely stock.
Torque gains compared to stock are massive, exceeding 8-ft*lbs.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Upgraded exhaust
  • Upgraded cold air intake kit
  • Upgraded intercooler
  • Upgraded hybrid turbo
  • Stock engine
  • #Etuners Stage3 custom ECU remap for Ford MED17


Performance results

  • Maximum engine power: 273hp (measured stock+exhaust 153hp, stage2 210hp), gains 120hp over stock
  • Maximum engine torque: 308 ft*lbs (measured stock + exhaust 224ft*lbs), gains 84ft*lbs over stock

Etuners Stage1 + exhaust

After the Stage3 for  hybrid turbo

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