The Ford Fiesta ST 1.6T Ecoboost is by no means a slow car. But with a remap and an upgraded exhaust it becomes much faster!
In terms of modifications, a stage 2 ECU remap for it increases boost pressure by 0.3 bars. Amongst the changes included, the remap improves the injection and ignition mapping, to accommodate for the increased load. Tweaks in the torque modelling system make sure that the throttle becomes more responsive and the car’s behaviour is much more lively compared to stock.
It is also possible for the Stage2 remap to include modifications that allow the use of race exhaust systems without triggering fault codes and an antilag rev limiter that allows flat foot shifting (Noliftshift). Both these extra features are available per customer request. They are strongly not recommended for daily driven cars.


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Upgrade specifications

  • Stage 2 ECU remap
  • 98 RON fuel
  • Upgraded exhaust system


Performance results

  • Maximum horsepower: 225 hp @ 5600 RPM (195hp as stock with an upgraded exhaust system), gains 30 hp
  • Maximum torque: 332 Nm @3100 RPM (284 Nm as stock with an upgraded exhaust system), gains almost 50 Nm


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