Ferrari California 30 – Stage1 98RON

The California 30 was produced in limited numbers. It is 30kg lighter and 30hp more powerful than the standard model. Made to conform to the very strict Californian exhaust emission regulations. The 4.3l directly injected NA V8 boasts a claimed 360kw at the engine and is mated to an F1 dual clutch 7 speed transmission. Like all supercars, the California requires very specialized methods for diagnostics, running on the dyno, tuning and testing correctly.

Our Stage1 custom tune improves the engine’s performance across the rev range, specially when paired with upgraded panel filters and 98RON fuel.
A big thank you to the owner for trusting us with his car.

Upgrade specifications
✅98RON fuel
✅BMC panel filters
✅Etuners custom Dyno tune

Performance results
📈291kw/390hp at the wheels up from 264kw/354hp measured stock (gained 36whp).

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