The DQ500 gearbox is an incredible gearbox, designed for higher output engines. It can withstand much more torque than the DQ250 and outperforms it in terms of clutch durability and overall strength.
And we can do a lot of neat things through remapping it! The coolest of them being the activation of boosted launch control. Even when the gearbox is installed in cars that never came with a DQ500, this feature works too and is very useful in racing.

This remap stage covers the DQ500 gearboxes in:
#Audi TTRS
#Audi RS3 / RSQ3
#VW Tiguan
and any other car that comes with a DQ500 gearbox or has it fitted afterwards.

  • One very important feature is the removal of the torque limiters in the gearbox. Once this has been done, the gearbox can work with big turbo projects without causing software problems.
  • We enable the boosted launch control
  • We can also custom tune the gear shift points for improved performance in all driving modes
  • Shift speed is improved by almost 20%, so that all gear shifts will be quick and firm.
  • Customized per gear rev limiters and shift points can also be included. These strongly depend on the given application and are adjusted as such.


Remapping the DSG7 DQ500

Temic DSG7 DQ500 – Etuners stage 2 TCU remap


Videos coming up, too!

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