The S8 was blessed and cursed by Audi: On the one hand, having the RS6/RS7 engine was awesome. On the other hand,  being the heaviest four wheeler of its kind not so great. Even with a maxed out Stage2 remap the owner was not satisfied with its performance.
One thing lead to another and a pair of Turbosystems Stage2 hybrid turbos replaced the stock ones. After careful tuning and testing, together with remapping the gearbox, the result is mind blowing: The car spins the first few gears all the way until some traction can be found in 4th.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Water-methanol injection kit
  • Upgraded full exhaust
  • Upgraded turbos: Turbosystems Stage2
  • Upgraded throttle bodies – DMT Racing
  • Upgraded pressure pipes – DMT Racing
  • Custom #etuners Stage3 engine tune
  • #etuners Stage3 ZF AL551 gearbox remap

Performance results

  • Maximum Engine power: 937.8hp (measured on Mustang Dyno)

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