Audi S5 B9 2.9TFSI Quattro MY2017 – #Etuners Stage2

Sounding more like a Tesla than a 3.0l turbo from the factory the owner requested a solution to give this S5 it’s soul back.

We chose to upgrade the downpipe to a hi flow ECS unit and leave the rest of the system OEM. With the addition of a custom Etuners ECU file and small exhaust modification, a 50kw gain @ all 4 wheels was made with power increasing to 250wkw.

Crackle on lift off was activated with an audible “fart “ on the shift. We now have one very happy customer!


Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheels: 250wkw/340whp (measured stock at 201wkw/273whp), gains 49wkw/67whp


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