Audi S3 8V 2.0TFSI DSG – #etuners Stage3 Garrett Powermax Stage1 98RON

With hybrid turbochargers being so popular amongst Gen3/MQB cars, it seemed like every little turbo shop was making its own upgraded turbo, based on the stock IHI IS38. And then Garrett announced its Powermax models: Stage1 and Stage2. At shockingly reasonable prices, setting a new tuning industry standard and measure to compare to for everybody else.

Tuners around the world started quoting different power figures, in a competition of one trying to surpass the other. The reality of the situation – as we perceive it- is that these turbos are more usable as a reliable replacement to the stock ones that can last a very very long time while running high power. Day and night, cold or hot weather regardless, even on a minimalistic setup such as on this car.

Our S3 8V was equipped with an earlier IS38. That part code tends to fail when pushed too far to make power, hence there had been many newer turbo models since. To ensure reliable performance at all times, all temperatures and without limitations on fuel octane rating we decided to go with a Garrett Powermax Stage1. For usable extra power and reliability at all times. As the car is used for daily commutes and long range travel, keeping the stock injectors and stock fuel pumps made sure that if one was to fail, a new replacement could easily be found. Running normal gasoline from the pump, whether it be 93oct / 98RON or even a bit less when necessary.

Upgrade specifications

✅98RON fuel
✅K&N air filter
✅Upgraded downpipe on stock cat-back exhaust
✅Upgraded turbocharger Garrett Powermax Stage1 (GT2260S)
✅#Etuners Stage3 custom engine tune
✅#Etuners Stage3 custom gearbox tune
✅Stock injectors, high and low pressure fuel pumps
✅Stock intercooler and boost piping

Performance results

On the stock tune it made 268whp on our dyno. Knowing that we would be facing severe restrictions with performance due to the heat – temperatures reached 40C on dyno – we developed our custom Stage3 engine and gearbox tune. Power went up to 356whp, making it an almost 90whp gain. At which point the stock intercooler core heats up so much that it makes no more sense to raise boost and hope for more power.

📈Maximum wheel power in AWD: 356whp (stock software measured 268 with upgraded parts)

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