Audi S1 2.0TSI – #Etuners Stage3 98RON for RTMG550 hybrid IS38

The S1 is an almighty tiny Audi. Combining four-wheel drive and a Golf7 Gti 230 engine that packs a punch even without tweaking, it is the perfect platform for having a very powerful daily driven car based on the Gen3 2liter tsi engine. A proper pocket rocket!

Upgrade specifications
– 98RON fuel
– Upgraded full exhaust
– Stock motor
– Stock high pressure fuel pump
– Upgraded turbo – #RTMG550 is38 hybrid
– Custom #Etuners Stage3 ECU remap with map switch

Performance results

– Max switching via driving mode selection for limited torque/daily driving
– Maximum engine power: 426hp

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