Audi RSQ3 2.5TFSI - Being tested on a DynoDynamics rolling road dyno

This Audi RSQ3 2.5TFSI, made in 2016, came in completely stock with 5000km on the dashboard. According to the manufacturer, this car produces at the flywheel 367 PS (270kW; 362hp) @5550–6800 and a maximum flywheel torque of 465 N⋅m (342.97 lbf⋅ft)@1625-5500.

When measured stock, it produced 194kW/328hp at the wheels, measured in AWD mode.
Then an upgraded downpipe was installed and our custom ECU remap was flashed. Upgrading the downpipe greatly helps with decreasing exhaust gas backpressure and makes the turbo much more efficient. As expected, it produced a little bit more power compared to the previous engine model CZGA (MY2014) that we tested a few months ago. Between the MY2014 and MY2016 models there has been a small revision that provides more power to the car as stock. This proved to be the case on dyno as well.

Audi RSQ3 2.5TFSI engine bay

Upgrade Specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Upgraded downpipe
  • Etuners custom Stage2 ECU remap

Flashing the Audi RSQ3 2.5TFSI via OBD2 - Etuners Stage2

With our custom tune peak power increased from 193wkw to 240wkw. Midrange gains of 75wkw were made over the original map file, totally transforming the driving experience.

Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheels in AWD: 241 kW/328whp (measured stock as 194kW/264whp), gains 47kW/64whp

Stock vs tuned Dyno results - Audi RSQ3 2.5TFSI - Etuners Stage2  

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