Audi RS6 C7 4.0TFSI MY2016

Delivered to the shop with upgraded downpipes and Akrapovic titanium exhaust this RS6 dynoed @ 308wkw. The added hardware on the stock ECU file produced a very rich AFR causing power to drop below stock levels. We generally see 320-330wkw from a stock RS6.

Upgrade specifications

  • 98RON fuel
  • Upgraded exhaust – Akrapovic Titanium
  • #Etuners Stage2 engine calibration
  • #Etuners Stage2 gearbox calibration for AL551

Custom Etuners ECU and TCU stage2 remaps were calibrated increasing power to 422kw @ all 4 wheels. The advantage of custom tuning after adding hardware is clearly evident with a massive 114wkw made over the stock file on the same hardware.

Performance results

  • Maximum power at the wheels: 422wkw (measured stock with the upgraded exhaust installed at 308wkw), gains 124wkw

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