AUDI RS3 8V.2 MY2020 OPF #Etuners Stage2 for E85
Using ethanol fuels is always challenging, specially on models that do not support them in their stock form.
Etuners was the first to bring you the 2020 OPF solution with over run.
Today we have another first …2020 E85 ECU custom calibrations now available ????

Upgrade specifications:
Etuners ECU calibration for E85
Etuners TCU calibration
RPC Motorsport downpipe
Etuners/ Hypertune 100 FMIC kit
CTS Turbo 4 inch intake
Etuners WMI system
Leyo Motorsport charge pipe
Forge Motorsport silicon pipe upgrade .
Braided brake lines
30mm lowered H&R springs .
034Motorsport DSG breather

Performance results

The baseline for this particular RS3 was 214wkw/287whp, measured in AWD.
With our hardware and software package completed, it is leaving with 370kw/396whp @ all 4 wheels??.
That’s a +156wkw/+209whp gain over the stock car!

Thank you David for choosing us to build an absolute beast ??
This build is the first 2020 with FBO, E85 and WMI in Australia and possibly the world!

RPC motorsport
CTS Turbo
Forge Motorsport
Leyo Motorsport
AEM Performance Electronics

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